Scandalous Beauty News, Vol. 001: Jet Open Casting Call with RHOA Cynthia Bailey, Essence Best in Black Beauty Awards and More

Celebrity stylist June Ambrose, celeb hairstylist Ted Gibson and ESSENCE Editor-in-Chief Constance C.R. White

  • Jet Magazine is holding an open casting call at RHOA’s The Bailey Agency this Saturday from noon-3pm. Want more information? Email:
  • Make Up For Ever launches a pro newsletter (
  • Essence Best In Black Beauty Awards was held last night, honoring 6 people who made a profound inpact in the beauty world. Pictured above is celebrity stylist June Ambrose, celeb hairstylist Ted Gibson and ESSENCE Editor-in-Chief Constance C.R. White. (Essence)
  • Nars Cosmetics wins 15 (!!!) Instyle Best Beauty Buys Awards. (
  • Select Sephora stores are getting a new look! Manhattan locations will be the first, of course. (
  • Refinery 29 shared 14 blouse ideas to wear to your 9-5 (

Beauty + Tech: Sephora App for Iphone!

Ever since my switch to Iphone a few weeks ago, I’ve been living in mobile bliss. I miss the organization of the blackberry and the keyboard of my Droid, but nothing still compares to the Iphone. I finally have access to all of those apps that were exclusive to Apple. Sephora To Go is one of my favorites!!


                 Sephora To Go Iphone App Sephora To Go Iphone App

The entire app lets you search by brand, and add products to your wish list or your shopping cart. You can also scan items while at home or in-store to save to your app. Can’t remember which moisturizer you bought or which color foundation you got last time? Just check your recent purchases. I love it.


Sale Items on Sephora's Iphone App Past Purchases on Sephora's Iphone App

Want more info? Check out all of the features on Sephora’s website.

Best of Stila Cosmetics

Stila Cosmetics is a brand with several cult favorite products.  It’s a brand that I’ve been using off and on for years.  While digging in my makeup collection a few weeks ago, I realized just how many Stila products I owned, and how I’m never disappointed with them!

Eye Shadows ($20)-Silky smooth and rich in color. I’ve been wearing La Douche on my eyes for a week straight. Kitten is the perfect pearly highlight. Twig is a must have as well.  Sam Fine is a big fan!There is a massive amount of color packed into these shadows, so use a little at a time!

Lip Glaze ($22)- These pen-like glosses are yet another favorite of mine! My favorites include Guava, Praline, Apricot and the infamous Brown Sugar! If you hurry, you can purchase the mini gift set for $25 at Sephora!

Smudge Pots ($20)-I’ve actually never tried these, but I read about them all the time.  People have sworn by them on my Twitter feed, and my fellow beauty bloggers can’t get enough either.  Check out these reviews at This That Beauty and Musings of a Muse.

Convertible Color ($25)-Since I’m all about multi-purpose cream color, these are high on my list.  They aren’t too thick and over pigmented, but give you just enough of what you really need.

Long Wear Lip Color ($20)-I was sold the first time I tried it. Think of the most effortless looking lip imaginable.  There are almost comparable to lip crayons.  They stay on for hours and don’t dry your lips out!

Have you seen the Makeup Player?  You can download makeup tutorials to the mini-theatre in your Stila traincase!  Then, using the makeup provided, you can create the perfect look.  Now that’s innovative! For more information on Stila, check them out on or!

The Dry Skin Blues

I have no clue what is going on in the universe, but my skin is changing!  I’m an oily girl through and through, but for the first time ever,

my skin is super dry!  Every day I catch myself in a mirror, I see dry, flaky skin!  What the freak?  Luckily I had a few items around the house for dry skin.  In fact, these are the only items that I had in the house for dry skin! They’ve been lounging around my mother’s bathroom for months.  Here’s what’s been helping me out!

Make Up For Ever Serum ($38) astounded me the first time I heard Dany Sanz talk about it!  It’s so packed with amazing stuff that it hydratesyour skin for hours at a time.  In fact, as the day goes on, your skin retains more moisture. Since my skin was super oily at the time, I gave the bottle to my mother.  But this random flaky skin of mine has me using it, and since then everything is so much more tame. There are SO many positive effects for using this stuff! Just a bit of this serum gives you a 520% increase in hydration in only 15 minutes.  Seriously, this little bottle is astonishing. Read more about the miracle juice here!

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief ($34)is a gel like moisturizer that completely hydrates. Just rubbing a little on your hand shows your skin just how amazing it really is! Truth be told, it was the only moisturizer that I had in the house made for dry skin.  (Although my mother has dry skin, she is old school, she uses the nearest body lotion no matter what is in it!) Just realized that in the product description, it says this is great for all skin types? Who knew?

You all know that I’m pretty big on all natural skincare, so using these products typically wouldn’t be the norm for me.  I ran out of my Juice Beauty Cleansing Gel ($22) (and it’s out of stock at pretty much every Sephora in Maryland).  The sales associate at Sephora told me about Boscia Clear Complexion Cleanser with Botanical Blast.  She said it was all natural, but not organic like Juice Beauty.  She also said it would compare the best to what I’ve already been using.  I’ll give it a few weeks and let you know how it goes!

Note: The Clinique and Make Up For Ever products were sent as samples for me to review.

Sephora Is Granting our Holiday Wishes!

sephoraclaus Kudos to Sephora for this awesome contest!  Want free makeup, skincare or hair products?  Here’s your chance to win!

All you have to do is log onto Twitter and say:

@Sephora, All I want for Christmas is____.  #sephoraclaus  (I’d suggest you copy and paste this! You must include the @sephora and the #sephoraclaus hashtag.)

Everyday, Sephora will give one lucky tweeter the present of their dreams.  Check out for more information. Who would have thought that in the time of surreal opportunity,  the makeup junkie that I am asked Sephora Claus for the Sephora Brand Deluxe Fragrance Sampler for Her?!  Of course there is a ton of makeup that I wanted, but I didn’t realize how much I love fragrance until a month ago.  Why not try this huge selection, which is a little costly at $75.  With this purchase, you get a voucher to purchase a free full sized bottle of any one of the fragrances in the sample set. Sweet.