Erin’s Outfit of The Day: African Print Tube Dress

Dress: Cynthia Rowley via Gilt, Blazer: BCBG, Wedges: Steve Madden

I never really do fashion posts, because I don’t own enough clothes! I wore this to a work event, the Oyin Handmade “Your Hair is Awesome” bash. This was the ensemble I had chosen to wear for the IFB Conference earlier this week, but rain didn’t go well with this outfit. Justin, aka Metropolitan Boy, aka my stylist, told me to wear this today. I love it!

10 Really Amazing Things I Learned at the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference

The Scene at IFB

This post is part of the “Erin’s Guide to Better Beauty Blogging” series. 

Well, it’s 10:43pm. I’ve been up since 3:30 am, and for some reason I just can’t sleep! My eyes are glazed over in exhaustion, but I had to give you the details because this is insomnia is kicking my ass while they were fresh! Be sure to join the IFB community online, it’s one of my favorite sites!

10. As I watched the Twitter chat from the Lucky FABB conference, I realized that it was mostly a guide to brand’s success. Not bad at all, but I was looking for insight on blogs. Not entirely sad that I missed it, but glad that I got to follow it.
9. You need to wear your outfit, don’t let the clothes wear you! I know many people were excited to be in a room full of fashion bloggers, but many were trying too hard to look different. This is one of my fashion pet peeves. Be the most outstanding you that you can be, not what you think others would swoon over.
8. Don’t over edit! @Latherblog says “Personally, I love style blogs that allow me to get to know a person…thoughts, quirks, flaws and all! That makes me come back.” She also says “Don’t get caught up editing your blog posts too much, the whole point is to be authentic. Let your thoughts flow.”
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Gilt, You Have The Sexiest Packaging Ever + My New Sexy Dress!

My Gilt Package

Yep, this is the inside of the box.

The outside cardboard is a typical bland mailer. But as you slice the tape away to reveal your purchased gem…I gasped. I was in complete awe when I opened it. Kind of like I found a golden ticket. Branding, for the win!

 Gilt is by far my favorite sample sale site. You get amazing outfits for deep discounts.They have the widest array of clothes, decor, and now food!!! I’d never made a purchase on Gilt before, but checked the site everyday. I got a notification last week that they would have “tribal” print as a feature on Sunday night. You all know I’m slightly obsessed with African Prints [here are some of my favorites], so this was right up my alley. So far up my alley, in fact, that I set the alarm on my phone to alert me when the sale started. I used the Ipad app to jump on at 9pm, but I was a few minutes late–my dream dress [the Marc by Marc Jacobs dress below on the left] was snatched away from me! I’ll find it somehow.


Anywho, the dress that I ended up getting [pictured above, in the middle] is a Cynthia Rowley strapless dress with a bubble skirt. I love it! Love with a capital L! : )

Five Oscar Looks that Demand Applause

Last night’s Academy Awards were a huge success in my book. Instead of my usual live tweeting during the red carpet event, I stayed with my BFF and her 3 month old daughter. We oooh’ed and ahhh’ed. Loved it! Here are my favorite head-to-toe looks from the red carpet and beyond!

Oscars 2010 - RED CARPET

My girl Sarah Jessica Parker was a stunner. The first 3 seconds of looking at her, I thought, “what?” But that’s the magic of SJP. As the fourth second approached, I thought “Oooh, I get it! Yes SJP!” Her sense of style is on a different level. Always chic, always testing the waters. The mega-bun rocked my socks. However the “I love walking down the street on windy days” look was not so hot.

82nd Annual Academy Awards Red Carpet Arrivals

Who else can’t stop talking about Zoe Saldana? She’s already hot to begin with, but the hair, makeup, dress, shoes. Wow. There are a few brief moments where I only love her dress from the belly button, up. And then I see the rest of the dress and think that it can be cool too. But the shoes. Wow. Might have to snatch those up!

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