Review: L’Oreal H.I.P. Color Chrome Eyeliner

L’Oreal H.I.P. is truly making it hard for department store beauty brands to thrive. I just tried out the brand new Color Chrome pencils- definitely not drugstore quality. The literally glide on like a gel (although they call them liquid pencils) and last longer than ever. I rubbed my finger over them to see how they smudged. Nothing. They literally didn’t move a smidgen. When I went to remove them with my trusty baby wipe, they still didn’t budge. This lead to me pulling out my EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a killer eye makeup remover) and taking it off. They come in 5 colors, black, silver, gold, green and purple. If you’re looking for your next fun beauty purchase, this should be it!
L'Oreal Liner Swatches

FOTN: Make-Up Art Cosmetics Collection by MAC


I’ve got a ton of swatches and shots of the products, but for now, here is the breakdown of the look! For the video review, check out the review and swatches video on!


In The Gallery Eye Shadow Quad

Lid-Look At The Eyes

Crease-In the Gallery

Outer V-Private Viewing

Liner-Blacktrack Fluidline

Waterline-NW35 Studio Stick Concealer

Lashes- Red Cherry WSP’s

Brows-Embark Eyeshadow


Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet #175

Blush-MAC Brown Script and Swiss Chocolate Eye Shadows (Yes, I used these as blush!)


Clear Lipglass and Young Thing Lipglass

L’Oreal HIP Crayon and Pigment

I’m just going to go ahead and say it. I think that L’Oreal HIP just might be my favorite drugstore brand.


Although it’s not really that much cheaper than some department store makeup, it can still qualify for all kinds of coupons and t

hings of the like.  I forgot all about the gold HIP Crayon that I had amidst the other chunky pencils in my pencil jar.  How is it that I keep forgetting how great they are?  These are the type of bases that you need an oil to remove them.  I’ve got all of the colors!

After applying the base to my lids, I used an eyeshadow brush to apply the loose gold pigment.   Here are my thoughts.  If you don’t have a good base underneath of them, I think these pigments will lack pigment.  Swatching them on my hand left a very sheer, yet chunky color, which I did not like.  In contrast, a powder on top of a cream changes the texture completely, and makes it much more vibrant.

If you are going to use the pigment paired up with the crayon, you will definitely be pleased. Otherwise, I would tell you to pass.