N Collection by M.A.C.

I did a video review, excited?? This collection is very soft, subtle and easy to wear. I’m learning to become a realist, and not a dreamer. For this collection, I’m going to tell you the unique products that you should definitely invest in.

Check out Yummy411’s in-depth review of the N Collection here! First off, I love the Mineralized Skin Finish powders, the natural colors as well as the newer colors, Warmed (Brown) and Light Flush (Pink). They don’t look ashy on us, and they don’t look like colors that we already have. Sorry, no pics!

On to the eyes. If you love subtle, lighter eye colors, than this collection is for you. I wouldn’t necessarily say you must have any of these shades. I do love eye liner in Graphblack, because it’s the only pencil that I know of that doesn’t bleed or move on your lower lashline. Groundwork Paint Pot is the perfect base for any eyeshadows, which is definitely a must have. This is a permanent product, thanks goodness.

As for the lips, well, there are several beautiful shades that we could invest in. Each color is soft and beautiful, and anyone of any complexion could easily wear them. All you need is appropriate lipliner. I’m so sorry that the swatches didn’t show up very well. I tried y’all!

Keep in mind that these colors were used ALL OVER THE RUNWAY at Spring/Summer ’08 Fashion Week, so this is the trend of the season!! The look to the right is a face chart from J.Mendel’s spring collection. I think this look would be gorgeous on all of us! He uses Rich Ground fluidline as an eyeshadow, which is a stunning bronze-ish deep brown, as well as Constructivist Paint Pot, a rich bronze, with N4 lipstick.

Here’s the actual look, to the left, courtesy of nymag.com

The MAC Fetish: The Originals

This collection was really fun for me, because it re-formulated colors we love and colors that we missed. Plus, anytime a collection contains glitters, I’m super excited! The colors that I love are bold. I’ve attempted to do a quick video review of the collection, but the swatches didn’t really work out in the end. So, I have included pictures of swatches. Check out the collection at maccosmetics.com.

Rozz Revival- Watermelon reddish pink (lustre)
Chintz on Chintz Sheer mid-tone yellow brown (lustre)
Utter Pervette- Soft pastel pink (lustre)
Back to Del Rio- Deep brown red (lustre)
Nouveau-Frou- Beigey grey pink with white pearl (lustre)
Retrofluid Sheer dirty deep plum with gold and red pearl
Supersequin Plummy pink with silver pearl (lustre)
Twig-Twig- Neutral brown plum (lustre)
Sandy B- Light shell pink
Russian Red-Intense bluish-red

Full on Lust- Neutral brown pink (cream)
Avarice- Mid-tone yellow red with soft red pearl (cream)
Real Desire Deep plum with red plum
Nico Now- Mid-tone grey purple with multicoloured pearl (cream)

C-Thru- Soft peached-beige with shimmer (cream)

Daisychain- Soft yellow beige with soft white pearl (satin)
Ochre Style- Mid-tone yellow brown with gold (frost)
A Little Folie- Mid-tone red brown (matte) (This is an amazing crease color!)
Memorabilia- Dirty purple (matte)
Clue Mid-tone dirty grey with silver (matte)
Alum- Mid-tone blue grey with soft blue pearl (frost)

(In the picture, left to right, Kitchmas, Steel Blue, Violet, Melon)

Kitschmas- Light airy shimmering pink/mauve pearl (frost)
Violet- Vivid bright violet-purple (frost) (Absolute MUST HAVE!)
Melon- Soft bright golden peach (frost) (Lovely brow highlight!)
Golden Olive- High frosted green gold (frost)
Steel Blue- Rich deep turquoise green-blue shone with
small pearl particle (pearl)

GLITTER (in order, left to right)
Reflects Blackened Red- Sparkling burgundy
Reflects Antique Gold- Sparkling taupe
Reflects Transparent Teal- Sparkling white with turquoise
Reflects Very Pink- Sparkling fuchsia pink
(Glitters are not eye safe, they are not recommended for use in the eye area. But, use them there at your own risk. These glitters aren’t chunky at all, and they will virtually stick to anything. To use them all over the face/body, I like to spray a sponge with fix+, then place the sponge into the glitter. I then shake off the access, and apply to the face/body. This makes it a bit more even and doesn’t get glitter all over your hands or brushes.

Ebony- Soft black
Coffee- Muted brown
Indigo- Muted greenish-blue

Black Black

I love this look, titled “Full On Lust”. The look includes several colors from the new collection, including the world-famous Parrot eye shadow! I love the color, I wear it over Sea Me Shadestick all the time, just like they do here in the look. Check out how to recreate the look. Here’s how they created the eye look:

Define the eyebrows with Charcoal Brown Eye Shadow using a 208 Brush. Apply Frisco Eye Shadow to the browbone with a 213 Brush. Using the 242 Brush, apply Sea Me Shadestick to the inner eyelid. Then blend evenly applying Parrot Eye Shadow to the centre and outer lid using a 213 Brush. Apply Charred Eye Shadow into the crease of the eye and combine with Carbon Eye Shadow blending also in the crease with
a 222 Brush. Line the upper lashline using Boot Black Liquid Eye Liner. Do the same for your lower lashline, using Carbon Eye Shadow with a 219 Brush. Use several coats of All Black Fibre Rich Lash both on the top and bottom lashes. For more detailed information and other looks to try, check it out here.

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MAC Holiday Swatches

It’s going to be a very, very expensive Holiday for us MAC fiends. I’ve been making swatches of the Holiday sets for the past few weeks now, and I want you to really see how they look on brown skin. To the left, I’ve created swatches of the SoftSparkle Eye Pencil Set, which is SO hot if you like to be creative with your eye makeup!! From top to bottom, we have Nightsky, Peacocked, Iris Accents, Reflecto, and Goldenair. Wearing loose glitter around the eye is not safe, that’s why these pencils are so convenient!

To the right, I have swatched the Cool Pigments and Glitters set, which is absolutely detrimental to life if you love beautiful colors. From top to bottom, the colors include Reflects Blue Glitter, Helium, Softwash Grey, Naval Blue and Forest Green. Even if you have never used pigments before, this is a fun set to start out with. There is also a Warm Pigments and Glitters set, filled with browns and golds, which of course look great on our skin.

All the rest of the swatches will be over on our sister site, The MAC Fetish.

Exclusive…Kissable Couture!!

When I found out that AJ Crimson and Keisha Whitaker( yup, Forest’s wife) were creating a line of luxury lip gloss, I had to try them. Here’s a bit of a background. AJ has done makeup for Amarie, Keyshia Cole, Mya, Missy, and a plenty of other A-list stars. You’ve seen his work and lusted over it on numerous print articles, red carpet events and television appearances.

Here’s what the geniuses at Kissable Couture had to say…

Dress your lips in the everything posh First Kiss Collection.Take a front row seat to feeling the easy glide smooth application that invokes a sense of bliss & comfort.The kind of comfort felt after the closeness of your First Kiss.Each experience with the Kissable Couture First Kiss Collection offers the ultimate high gloss factor that is stand alone satisfying.Eternally beneficial from start to finish, it seemingly just never comes to an end. Its infectious ability to keep you coming back for a single sheer application or double coat of sexy sheen & divine fluidity provides the ultimate look of effortless chic.As lightweight as the flutter felt in your heart, the First Kiss won’t weigh down your lips; rather provide an endearing feeling of everlasting love.The velveteen wand applicator glides on a sensual passionate feeling of luxurious beauty at its best.The First Kiss, an ultimate timeless experience never to be forgotten.
Here are the swatches in the order listed below, left to right. I couldn’t find “Johnny” anywhere, it’s probably hiding in one of my bags. The bottom row has one swipes of gloss for a sheer finish, while the top row has three swipes, to show just how buildable this gloss is!

DYLAN- a light peach shimmer

CHRIS –an elegant nude

ERIC- a glimmering golden peach

DAVID- a sun-kissed bronze

FOREST- a rich burgundy wine shimmer

TYLER- a deep purple shimmer

JOHNNY- a bright pink shimmer


Here’s my take. First off, the glosses come in a glossy black gift box wrapped in ribbon. So Luxe. I let “Dylan” kiss me first. He was soft, peachy and just cute. The next day, at brunch with the girls, I kissed “Eric”. So pretty, like keep-checking-out-my-chic-pout-in-the-mirror pretty. While I interviewed AJ and Keisha, I wore “Tyler” over a rich red lipstick. And believe me, I was turning heads! The color in the tube is striking, you know they are a hit! The first swipe of color is sheer, and the more color you apply, the more color appears. I love, love, love these glosses, and at least 3 colors stay in my makeup bag at all times!

I had the opportunity to interview AJ and Keisha, while eating lunch at a cute cafe in Baltimore. We did a conference call, AJ was in the lovely New York City, while Keisha was in the ever fabulous Los Angeles. First off, let me say, these two individuals were so humble and so faithful to their product. That was a definite plus for me! I asked AJ what the inspiration for the line was, and the thought was simple: mirroring fashion and cosmetics together, which is not normally seen. It was just time for lip gloss to grow up! Since I love all the glosses, I want more, clearly. So, there will be new colors debuting for Valentine’s Day, as well as a few for Spring 2008. I’ll be on it.

So, I proposed the classic question, which colors look the best on which complexions. Basically, any person of any race or age can wear these colors. Keisha loves to mix the glosses, which is an excellent idea. Get creative! Mix one swipe of “Chris” and four swipes of “David” for a warm neutral. For a bit of color, mix equal swipes of “Forest” and “Tyler”. Wear them with your favorite lip liners, over lipstick or alone. Lastly, I had to know where these names came from. It’s definitely a cute concept, no? Well, we know that Keisha married Forest, obviously! But, Keisha tells us, some of the names are guys she has kissed…and has not kissed!!!

Check out Kissable Couture at www.kissablecouture.com! If you happen to be in New York City, try the glosses on at Henri Bendel or in Los Angeles at Apothia by Fred Segal!